About the Association of Turkish and American Scholars (ATACS)

The international symposium Communication in the Millennium has been organized since 2003 by scholars in Turkey and the United States, and each year the symposium organizers have noticed increasing interest in this academic event. Because of this interest, the co-founders and the organization committee of this symposium decided to form an association where both countries’ scholars are represented.

The mission of the ATACS is to advance the communication profession in both countries through well-grounded academic research and to foster communication academics’ cooperation. The Communication in the Millennium is the established ATACS project, but the association will be working on different projects to serve its mission in the near future.

Symposium Objectives and Scope

The world is getting smaller with high technology-based communication systems. This also brings people together. Communication scholars, especially, should be close to one another and this is why we are gathering them and preparing a platform for discussion. The aim of this symposium is to establish and continue an international multidisciplinary forum for the development of innovative dialogue between Turkish and American scholars. This symposium serves a number of purposes:

The main purpose is to establish a meeting ground for a dialogue between the Turkish and American communication scholars. The international symposium rotates between the two countries. Although the cooperation is mainly between two countries scholars, other countries’ scholars are welcomed to this symposium as well, as in the previous ones.

Secondly, popular and main issues of the communication field in the new millennium will be discussed. And with this dialogue, future projects and comparative studies will be developed.

The symposium aims to foster and promote work that is intended to make a constructive contribution to the communication field and its development. 

The symposium welcomes work of scholars and graduate students in the communication field. 

Suggested sessions
·         Communication Theory and Research
·         Agenda-Setting Studies
·         Cultural & Critical Studies
·         Political Communication
·         Media and Technology / Communication Technology
·         Media Literacy & Media Education
·         Cinema, TV & Radio
·         Advertising
·         Public Relations
·         Media Ethics
·         Media Law
·         A roundtable discussion for PhD students