Full Paper Publication

The full papers that will be presented in the symposium will be published in the official symposium e-book with ISBN number. The scientific committee has right to reject the publication of the full paper after presentation if it does not meet the requirements of the symposium, both content and otherwise. 

To ensure top quality, and professional proceedings, authors are requested to pay special attention to the formats and contents of their papers. 

Papers, which are submitted in a technically unsuitable format cannot be published.

Please use this checklist for the full paper submission:
  • Final papers will be in English.
  • Final paper will be sent to 

    cimsymposium [at] gmail.com

  • The paper will be sent in electronic format taking into consideration the deadlines.
  • Any paper received after the deadline will not be presented in the symposium or will not be included in the symposium e-book.
  • The paper must arrive in only Microsoft WORD file (.doc or .docx) format.
  • Paper page length should not be more than 25 pages. References, graphics, tables all count toward total pages count.
  • Paper size must be A4 size.
  • All page margins must be 3 cm.

  • Do not insert page numbers / Do NOT include PAGE NUMBERS.
  • Also no form of running heads is allowed / Do NOT include HEADERS or FOOTER.
  • Font face must be Palatino
  • Only the font size of the name of the paper must be 12.
  • For the rest of the paper, font size must be 10.
  • For the table/figure content you can use Calibri, the size should be 8.
  • Use only a one-column layout.

  • The first page of the paper should have
    • Full name of the author/s, The title of the author/s, The university of the author/s
    • The country of the author/s, The e-mail addresses of the authors,
    • A SHORT BIOGRAPHY of author/s that are no more than 100 words per each author.
    • Also a REVISED LIMITED ABSTRACT that isn't more than 250 words should be written on the first page.
  • Final paper content should conform to the APA style.
  • For more information about APA style please visit the web pages:
                    Full Paper Publication Process