Best papers:

Those whose full papers are presented into the symposium will also be reviewed by the award committee for the top three papers of the symposium.

Best presentations:

In addition, the top three presentations made at the symposium will also be recognized.

Recipients of both the top three papers and top three presentations will receive a certificate on the final day of the symposium.


Mestan Küçük, Ph.D. Anadolu University, TURKEY:
Men's and Women's Evaluations of Communication Skills in Personal Relationships

Meltem Cemiloğlu AltunayHakan Aşkan, Anadolu University, TURKEY:
Dystopia on Television: Black Mirror

N.Bilge İspir, Ph.D.; Motif Atar, Ph.D.; Gülcan Şener, Ph.D.;  Anadolu University, TURKEY:
Attitudes Towards Advertising in Different Medium: Network Analysis Approach

Ahmet Faruk Çeçen, Istanbul University, TURKEY
Revisiting Entman's Cascading Activation Model


Nezih Orhon, Ph.D.; Kübra Özdemir, Anadolu University, TURKEY:
Social Movements and Protest Songs as Social Messages

Sinan Aydın, Ph.D.,  Anadolu University, TURKEY; Hakan Yılmaz, Ph.D.,  Anadolu University, TURKEY; Sinan Yılmaz,  Ph.D., Bülent Ecevit University, TURKEY:
New Technologies in Media Analysis: The Gdelt Project

Baba Alhassan Yakubu, Deniz Kılıç, Ph.D. Anadolu University, TURKEY:
Examining Second Level of Agenda Setting: News Frames of Newspapers on the Political Campaign on the Ghanaian General Elections in 2012   


Barbara Ruth Burke,  Ph.D. University of Minnesota, U.S.A.;  Çiğdem Yasemin Ünlü,
Anadolu University, TURKEY :
Audience Interpretations of Choices & Consequences: An evaluation and Comparison
of Turkish and American Understandings of Representations in Breaking Bad.

Özlem Alikılıç, Ph.D.;  Göker Gülay, Yaşar University, TURKEY:
Hate 2.0: Exploring Turkish Users’ Hate Content on YouTube

Hamish McLean, Ph.D.; Jacqui Ewart, Ph.D., Griffith University, AUSTRALIA:
Towards a Collaborative Model of Communication by Politicians in Disasters

Tarana Mahmudova, Ph.D., Baku State University, AZERBAIJAN:
Journalism in Post-°©‐‑Soviet Azerbaijan: Analyzing Media Issues in the Coverage of
Children’s Rights by the Azerbaijan Press.


Mihalis Kuyucu,  Ph.D., İstanbul Aydın University, TURKEY:
Radio Economics: The Oligopoly of Radio Market in Turkey.

Mary M. Meares,  Ph.D., The University of Alabama, U.S.A.:
Cultural Appropriation and the Westernization of Yoga.

Alaaddin F. Paksoy,  Ph.D., Anadolu University, TURKEY:
The Notion of ‘White Turks’ in the Turkish Press.


Prof. Dr. Barbara Ruth Burke, University of Minnesota, U.S.A.: 
21st Century Media Literacy;

Assist.  Prof.   Dr.   Soumia   Bardhan,  St.  Cloud   State   University,  U.S.A.:  
Ideology  and Instrumentality in Ikhwanweb: The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the Mubarak Regime, and the West

Assistant  Professor  Dr.  William  Schulte,  Winthrop  University,  U.S.A.:  
Newsroom  Social Controls:   An   Ethnographic   Study   of   the   Modern   News   Worker,   Policy   and Organizational Dynamics

Assistant Professor Dr. Elif Gizem Uğurlu, Anadolu University, TURKEY: 
Tracing the Impact of Surveillance and New Communication Technologies on Turkish TV Series

Associated Professor Wendy L. Bjorklund, Prof. Dr. Diana L. Rehling, Assist. Prof. Dr. Renee Strom, St. Cloud State University, U.S.A.: 
Students Unplugged; Fish Out of Water?


Prof. Dr. Barbara Ruth Burke, University of Minnesota, U.S.A.: 
21st Century Media Literacy

Prof. Dr. Serra Görpe, Istanbul University, TURKEY, Assist. Prof. Dr. Chang Wan Woo and Prof. Dr Frank B. Kalupa, James Madison University, U.S.A.: 
Professional Perspectives: An  International  Study  of  Professionalism,  Ethics,  and  the  Social  Value  of  Public Relations

Dr. Feride Z. Guder, Kültür University, Dr. Erdem Ongun, Kadir Has University and Dr. Askin Demirağ, Yeditepe University, TURKEY: 
A Comparative Study on the Transformation of Istanbul Memes in the Millennium

Assistant Professor Dr. Soumia Bardhan, St. Cloud State University, U.S.A.: 
Ideology and Instrumentality in Ikhwanweb: The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the Mubarak Regime, and the West

Chuan-wei  Hu, National Taiwan University,  TAIWAN:  
The Coming Age of "Rhetorical Democracy"


R.Assistant Pelin Öğüt, Prof. Dr. Erkan Yüksel, Anadolu University,  TURKEY
Healthcare Journalism: What do the Public Get?

Assistant Prof.  Dr. Fatma Kamiloğlu, Istanbul Aydın University, Emre Erdoğan, Ph.D. Istanbul Bilgi University, TURKEY
Effects of Social Media on Civil and Political Participation and a Field of Survey over on Facebook


Dr. Thomas J. JohnsonWeiwu ZhangShannon L. Bichard, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Pit Bulls and Pantsuits vs. the Hostile Media: The Relationship between Selective Exposure and Hostile Media Effect Perceptions of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton

Instructor Asuman KayaProf. Dr. Erkan YükselR. Asistant Pelin Öğüt, Anadolu University, TURKEY
Miraculous Cures in Health News

Assoc. Prof. Senem A. Duruel ErkiliçAsst. Prof. Hakan Erkiliç, Mersin University, TURKEY
Arabesque Narrative in New Turkish Cinema: Is it Synthetic?